Be Part of The Story

St. Helena’s Church is undertaking an exciting, parish-wide, Bible study starting Sunday, September 16. We are all going to read The Story together. The Story was developed to help Christians grasp the basic narrative of the Bible. It is a slightly abridged, chronological, NIV Bible. Biblical texts are woven together with transition sentences so it reads in a seamless, chronological way.

The adult Sunday School class, youth class, and children’s classes will all be using the same curriculum focused on their age-appropriate needs. This gives families a way to talk and share what they heard on Sunday mornings, as all will be hearing the same chapter of the story on the same day. This course gives members of the parish a way to converse about the Bible since we will all be reading the same chapters each week.

For adults, each participant will use The Story text and a Study Guide. Cost for both is $20. (If $20 is a challenge for you, we will happily provide you with materials.) Participants will read 12-15 pages per week. On Sunday mornings, participants will view a brief video presentation followed by discussion. The course is 31 weeks in length, and will end in mid-May. There will be breaks at Christmas and New Year’s and for some other holidays.

What are the benefits of participating in The Story? There are benefits to the parish since we will all be reading scripture together. There are benefits to families who will be hearing the same scripture stories each week. There are also benefits for individuals. Participants will gain an overview of the Biblical story that will make worship and sermons more understandable, and make participation in future group or individual Bible study richer. And, participants will gain a holy habit of reading scripture regularly.

Plan on being part of this parish-wide undertaking to read scripture together. To sign up for the course, and to order the book, send an e-mail to, or fill out one of the special The Story cards on Sunday mornings.