women's Ministries

Mission Statement: 

To unite the women of St. Helena’s in a program of worship, service, fellowship and mission work, which will expand and bolster their faith and lead them into action in the church, the community, and the diocese.

Women's Prayer:

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, source of all knowledge and truth, be present with each of us meeting together as the Women of the Episcopal Church. Grant us open minds, compassionate hearts, honest words and gentle ways. Give us the grace to know Your will, the courage to except it and the strength to accomplish it. May we not forget the lessons from the past nor fear the challenges of the future. Bless us with Your peace today and all the days to come and may we ever pray “Thy will be done.” We live in Your presence and pray in Your Holy name.

Our Funds Support...

The Boerne Women’s Shelter, Hill Country Mission for Health, & Women in Nebi. They help provide scholarships for our youth programs, adult programs, funeral receptions, scholarships to Camp Capers, funds to update church facilities, funds to purchase kitchen appliances, funds to the Priest’s Discretionary Fund. They have also contributed to paying down the church debt. We hope to continue supporting our local organizations along with our home church with the help of fresh new ideas from fresh new faces.