A Drive Thru Bethlehem Experience

Dec. 9th and 10th, 2020

From 6:00pm to 8:00 pm each evening.

Free and open to the public.

As you drive into Bethlehem, allow the sights and sounds to carry you to a period of time that changed the world. Journey through the heart of the city after being counted for the census. The marketplace is bustling with activity. Marvel at the baker’s fresh bread, potter’s & basket weaver’s crafts and listen for the rumor of a king’s birth from excited townspeople.  The highlight of the event will be the arrival of the Christ Child and a traditional nativity scene including camels and Magi. Contact: Dawn McLendon (dawn@sthelenas.net)

Directions:  From Main Street, turn onto Lohmann Street and follow the signs!  The drive-through experience starts at 6:00pm; line closes at 7:45 pm.  Note that trailers and oversized vehicles won't be able to navigate the turns in our town of Bethlehem! 

Bring your phone or tablet to follow along with the narration. Having a QR code reader on your device will make it easier to see or hear the narration, but it's not necessary.  Apple (tm) devices and many Android devices after 2017 have QR code readers built into the camera - just aim the camera at the code.  If that doesn't work, your  device may need to have an app installed. 

If you have trouble reading the QR code, you can just click here to get to the page you need!